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The Vampire's Nest is a personal site for artwork and ocs, and cool stuff I salvage. The usual warnings for eyestrain and flashing images apply to all pages, in addition to warnings for blood, gore, swearing, crude humor, and suggestive themes. You can find other cool Neocities websites on the left sidebar; below that, some resources to help Palestine during the ongoing genocide. On the right sidebar you can find Vampire! Magazine (an OC zine) and the OC pages. Below that, the update log and some fun bits 'n bobs. Hail satan, and have a lovely afternoon!
Free Palestine


See the links on the left sidebar for the history of the genocide in Palestine, active BDS movement boycotts, and a local representative locator that you can use to contact them and enact change.

Why does it always have to be political? You can't separate the politics from Punk! I could go on about how punk's opposition to the (capitalist, patriarichal, white supremacist, colonial, conservative, etc.) status quo is a motivator for the pursuit of individual freedom and community support that places us at odds with EVERYTHING, but at the end of the day you're not here for my pretentious bullshit. We're punks because we got done dirty by society in myriad ways and we just want to live our lives and listen to bangin' music. A big part of being punk is realizing the world as we know it is built on training people to be polite and digressing while the rich and powerful step on their necks and tell them it's supposed to be this way (that it's always been this way). All the bullshit we live under is a symptom of a sick society running the planet into the ground-- and taking as many innocent people with it as possible. So, why NOT make it political? Use your space and time on this earth to scream to power, on behalf of the people who are dying by the thousands in the name of a handful of rich cunts' bottom lines. Find your representatives. Show up to protests. Graffiti something. Spread the truth of kindness and empathy for the little guy.

"Oak Grove" by Ivan Shishkin, 1887.
Ivan Shishkin is a painter I'm going to be featuring here a lot in the coming months; his paintings have such a way of capturing the TEMPERATURE of a place, the feeling of a breeze, the warmth of sunlight or the chill of winter; my favorites are the ones like this, where the dappled shadows set against the textured bark of a white oak (Quercus hartwissiana is the species pictured here if I'm not mistaken) paint a vivid memory of a place and time I've never been. Beyond the vibes, I really appreciate a painter with an eye for detail and botanical accuracy.

I'm always a little disappointed I can't put MORE art on here but I do have limited space. For more cool art, check out my Tumblr tag!