"Welcome, [NAME], to our beloved organization! Here at the Vampire's Nest and Fangloria Engineering, we're like one big family! During the course of your tenure here, you'll meet almost all of us, regardless of rank or seniority. Keeping ahead with the changing times is one of our top priorities. Our family of craftspeople, engineers, artists, and enthusiasts will cover the experience and the know-how, while you, [NAME], are the rejuvinating lifeblood that keeps us far from stagnation; without you, we'd get nowhere! So, without further ado, let's introduce you to the family!"

Oliver, Salieri, and Skrilliant

Oliver of Havana

They/them | Vampire | Undead in 1770

Fangloria Engineering Inc. Founder and Vampire's Nest Co-Founder

Oliver is considered the de facto leader of Fangloria and Vamp's Nest, with a sharp tongue and a bite to match. Though they speak with a slight stutter, they're keen on dramatic speeches and displays of showmanship that would look self aggrandizing were it anyone else. They have the experience and technical know-how to back up their promises of chaos and mayhem as well; they head two companies, Fangloria Engineering Inc. and Vampire's Nest. The former focuses on engineering new evil contraptions, and the latter is a multinational record label and underground punk club that doubles as their place of residence. They've been happily married to Salieri and Skrilliant since 1920.

Salieri of Arezzo

They/xe/she/he (any) | Vampire | Undead in 1781

Fangloria Engineering Inc. Co-Founder and Vampire's Nest Founder

If Oliver is the brains of the operation, Salieri is the heart. They've been with Oliver and Skrilliant since the 1770s. Xe ditched the life of a catholic administrative assistant to travel with her partners and spend their newfound immortality collecting knowledge. They're more of a lover by nature, so he's often on the sidelines of Oliver's diabolical endeavors providing expertise or emotional support. Salieri's passion for music and fashion drove the trio to create the Vampire's Nest, and also found Salieri widespread acclaim after xir first studio album, "Musica Ignis", an experimental prog metal hybrid that launched them into the public eye.

Skrilliant of Nimes

It/its | Vampire | Undead in 1350s

Vampire's Nest Co-Founder

Skrilliant is the oldest of the three, born in France in the early 1300s. What little it remembers of its life are blood-soaked flashes that it likes to drown in substance abuse and week-long parties. Despite its many many vices, Skrilliant has found solace and comfort in its partners, the first people in its afterlife it feels it can really connect with. Skrilliant has discovered a few good pastimes in film; acting, editing, and simple enthusiasm for a well-made movie or stage production. Its forays into film have found it with a small but dedicated fanbase amongst goths and silent film enthusiasts.

Meet the Crew: Vampire's Nest's fresh blood (beloved family)
Mimi the Boogeyman

They/them | Vampire | Employee since 1996

Vampire's Nest Venue Manager and Project Maestro

A silly and outgoing vampire, they were turned in 1996 and have been working at the Vampire's Nest ever since. They're a quick problem solver, and their efficient work style makes them a vital part of the Vamp's Nest ragtag crew. Work aside, most of the crew consider them a good friend despite their slightly naive attitude. Mimi enjoys sweets, breakcore, vocaloid, and arts and crafts.

Saren Carcass

She/they | Zombie | Employee since 2010

Vampire's Nest Venue Assistant and Project Executioner

Saren works as Mimi's underling in the Vampire's Nest. They're an excellent social networker with a great head for names and dates. While not on their job title, Saren can often be found in the front row when hardcore punk bands are performing. They're a natural hype-man, and with her and Mimi's energy working in tandem, Vamp's Nest performances are consistently legendary. Saren enjoys music (the harder the better), DnD, and lurking at the local mall.

Lillian Darvey

They/them | Warewolf | Employee since 2000

Fangloria Engineering Inc. - Research and Development Product Inspection Master

Lillian is a straightforward, experienced, by-the-books warewolf that kicks ass and takes names. Meticulously. Their personality can come off as cold and detatched, but they have a deep passion for working with their hands and their mind, a master of multitasking and efficiency. Oliver hired them for their blunt attitude and hasn't regretted it since; Lillian advises, corrects, and perfects many of Oliver's (and Fangloria Engineering's) work as a whole. They enjoy raw meat, cold weather, blues music, and sudoku.


They/xe | Zombie | Employee since 2011

Vampire's Nest Senior Bartender

Brick is an energetic, boistrous, shit-talking zombie who's good for a joke and takes pride in xir work. The picture of a stereotypical sitcom bartender, they've been working long enough to know everyone's usual orders AND the raunchy details of their personal lives, though they're not much of a gossip themself. In their off time, they enjoy mountain biking, watching TV, reading communist theory, and hanging out with their friends in nature.

Sophie of Nihil

She/her | Vampire | Employee since 2020

Vampire's Nest Junior Bartender

Sophie is a stony-faced, deadpan-loving vampire with a wry sense of humor a lot of folk don't pick up on. She initially only took the job for some extra cash on weekends, but she likes the crew and the business enough to stick around for a while. (You'd never get her to admit it, but she's also got a bit of a crush on Brick.) She enjoys novelty knicknacks, witchcraft, the occult, and cats.

Jonsey Mcbride

Xe/xir | Vampire | Employee since 2019

Vampire's Nest Janitorial Master

Outwardly quiet and impassive, Jonsey likes to focus on xir work more than socializing. This being the case, the Vampire's Nest is a VERY clean venue. Their closest work relationship is with Brick, who roped xem into hanging out a few times and has stuck around ever since. Jonsey has a keen interest in chemistry, 80's tech, cold war space exploration, and old movies.